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Xtralock™ offers rental car agencies an option that will ensure fast and friendly checkout and return of vehicles with 3rd row seats.

Travel can be hectic. Whether it’s rushing to make a flight, or keeping the kids in the back comfortable for the long drive the Grandma’s, it has it’s challenges. Car rental companies who are efficient and make the checkout quick and painless are remembered. Those who add to the headaches that travel can induce will be remembered even more.

Because 3rd row seat theft is so prevalent, rental companies are taking them out of the vehicles unless specifically requested by a customer. This undoubtedly presents a storage issue for the rental company, not to mention the inconvenience and wait-time customers will face for the seats to be re-installed at the time of check-out; and removed at the time of return. Xtralock™ enables the seats to remain in the vehicle at all times, unless the customer wants to remove them during the time of rental.

Save Time. Earn Customer Loyalty.

Customer loyalty requires a great experience and friendly service.
Xtralock™ enables rental companies to:

  • Save time at check-out and return
  • Omit down time representative face with removal and return of seats
  • Alleviate liabilities customers could face from stolen seats
  • Always have availability of the 3rd row for customers who request them



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