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Dealers have no control over the reported theft percentages in their market, but they can absolutely control what happens on their lot. Xtralock™ minimizes the risk of 3rd row seat theft. Our system is the only option for securing the 3rd row where thieves can’t remove it without damaging the seats themselves.

The liabilities placed on automotive dealerships can be steep. Like most businesses, car dealers must protect themselves with the basics: a general premises liability policy, fire protection, and workers’ compensation insurance; but, automotive dealers are placed under an extra degree of scrutiny when it comes to underwriter consideration.

Insurance premiums for dealers can be determined by whether the dealer is a “mom and pop” or a “global make” franchisee. Other considerations taken into account can be: the ratio of new vehicles to used vehicles; open lot-vs-building; the number of employees, and which region of the country the dealership resides.

While, an obvious factor regarding the region in which the dealer resides, of course is the risk of weather-related damages (snow in the north, tornadoes in the mid-west, hurricanes in the southeast,) geography can also dictate insurance rates based on probable exposure to theft.

Thieves in the market to steal and sell 3rd row seats have a new challenge. If they attempt to remove an Xtralock™ System, they’re going to fail miserably because the seats will be damaged, rendering them unable to sell. There is no way to manipulate the Xtralock™ System.

Our system is the newest, most progressive, and only viable option for securing the 3rd row against damage and theft. We fully expect that insurance companies will provide an incentive or rebate in the near future for automotive dealers who equip their GM vehicles with the Xtralock™ system. In the meantime, the deterrent factor against theft is invaluable in itself. Once the vehicle has been damaged by a break-in, it must be disclosed, therefore narrowing the profit margin for the dealer. Xtralock™ protects GM Vehicles and re-sellers from a multitude of hardships and expenses.

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