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3rd Row Seats Ideal for Summer Fun

With summer right around the corner, it makes sense for 3rd row SUV sales and rentals to increase.  Vehicles with 3rd row seats are great for large families who’ll be traveling during the warm months.  SUVs like the Chevrolet Tahoe allow for ample seating and luggage storage.  For those traveling with a large load of cargo, or the trailer loaded up for summer fun, 3rd row SUVs are also ideal.  Keep in mind though, if they’re not protected by an Xtralock locking system, they’re an easy target for thieves looking to make some quick cash.

Criminals are targeting these vehicles for several reasons.  First, if they’re easy to enter.  The back entrance of most of these vehicles can be opened with ease.  Thieves have developed a system that gets them in the vehicle, and out with the 3rd row seats in as little as 6 seconds.  Second, they’re getting up to $2500.00 for these seats from parts stores and fellow criminals on craigslist who mark them up even further for re-sale.  Another reason thieves will be casing these SUVs this summer, is there are more of them parked in lots during the vacation months, as families are out enjoying the beach, amusement parks, and movie theaters.


Xtralock Third Row Seat Locking System

Xtralock can protect the 3rd row seats from being stolen.  If you’re purchasing a GM vehicle, ask the dealer if he carries this locking system.  If he doesn’t, no problem, you can order one for just $179.00 at  They offer free shipping, and they’ll ship it right to your door.  If you’re planing on renting a GM SUV with a 3rd row, ask the rental company if they protect the vehicle with Xtralock.  It will save you from the worries of the rental getting broken into.  Criminals are learning that they’re unable to remove the Xtralock system, and when they see the Xtralock decal on the back window, they don’t attempt the break-in.

Be mindful of this theft, especially as warmer weather approaches.  Always park in well lit areas, or in the garage overnight.  Back the SUV into stalls, or up against a wall to avoid access to the rear hatch, and protect your vehicle with the easy to install Xtralock locking system.




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